I’m a vivacious personal development coach and master of releasing tension from the body and mindI bring together my unique specializations to support the hardest working leaders and technology professionals in mastering the skill of on-demand relaxation and balance in their daily lives. 

Get out of your head and back into your body with professional dance stepsI Nicole Casanovahave a life-long passion and practice of dance and choreography, and continue to train with Latin and Hip-Hop performance groups in the Bay Area.

Receive the most effective therapeutic massage and take-home exercises of your life. I am an expert in myofascial release, the leading edge in therapeutic massage, with 15 years of international experience.

Soak in the effects of a two-thousand-year-old tradition of mind relaxation. I am an ordained meditation teacher in the Nyingma Buddhist tradition (the oldest, founding school of Tibetan Buddhism famous for it’s unorthodox approach, non-celibate monks and women masters).

Get expert care from someone who understands what you want. My clients include tech professionals, business owners, physicians and women in male-dominated fields working at successful companies you know like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, AirBnB, Salesforce, San Francisco General Hospital, and more.

My services include work-life balance coaching, guided meditation, dance conditioning, therapeutic bodywork and physical therapy exercises, staff workshops, an adventure to Paradise, and inspiring online support via video and written word. 

Let’s be real. Most therapies only treat the current “problem” and leave the individual still stuck with what caused it in the first place. I sincerely care about your health and happiness as a whole person.

*Here are some of the specific issues we can nip in the bud: depression, anxiety, emotional eating, compulsive spending, sugar addiction, back pain and muscle stiffness, optimal digestion, relationship insecurity, personal boundaries and more.

Are you ready to dive in with me? Contact me to set up a free 15-minute check-in at n@nicolecasanova.com or 510-606-2589.

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