getting fully committed to your highest potential

Your life is always moving in the direction of your highest development, without you having to do anything. Imagine a mountain stream, flowing downhill: this is your life. This is not just a metaphor. Your life knows exactly where it is going. It’s always headed towards a higher level of love, abundance, freedom, and fulfillment.

So what stops us? The biggest blocks are those old sticky patterns of experience, the ones we couldn’t fully digest when something happened to us. The universal story goes like this: something happens to all of us as a child, and from that moment on, we decide that we are not wanted in the world, because our undeveloped 5 year-old systems could not make sense of our experience in a larger context. So, everything you approach and begin in your life is now colored with a hue of unworthiness (unnoticeable to the untrained eye, and even to yourself, because it has been there as long as we can remember).

We are unable to see ourselves here, grasping on for dear life to a rock on the bank, resisting the flow of our evolution.

Action steps:

1. Right now, say to yourself, I am fully committed to my highest potential, then pause, and feel its wave-like effect through your body. Everything we do and say and think impacts us on a level of which we may not always be aware. Everything carries its own vibration, and can be directly felt by putting your full attention on your body’s sensations. It may feel tingly or buzzing or warm. Notice where that wave movement might get caught or stop. Does your stomach area contract? Does your chest area get tight or heavy? Notice where you feel discomfort. This is about practice, tuning into impact with awareness and detachment, not trying to change anything. Simply experience.

2. Once you have pinned down an area that reacts to stop the wave of those words, the next step is to get curious and honest with yourself about what that is. Try talking to it! “Hey, I’m really curious about you. What are you saying?” Then let go, wait, and receive the answer. If you feel resistance, like you can’t hear anything, this just means the answer is really juicy! Keep practicing, and think of your resistance as a good thing. It means you are getting close to breaking through an old limiting pattern.

3. When you hear that voice, it will be the voice of fear, and I want you to acknowledge that this is just the voice of what happened to you and its not you. Challenge it!  It takes ongoing work to untangle that voice which has been burying itself in your subconscious for decades. It may not go away instantly, and this is why your full commitment is so important my friend.  If you’re feeling skeptical that this actually works, consider that is also your resistance. Now say, Although I am feeling resistant, I am open to the possibility of committing to my highest potential, now. Pause and feel its impact on your body. Repeat it again. Keep challenging the idea, of “not enough”, over and again, as long as it comes up and in whatever flavor it does. That is all there is to it. It will keep coming up, so it would serve you to fall in love with this work now.

At some point (I’m rooting for right now), this work WILL inspire you.  The magic current that is your life will scoop you up and glide you right along into your unfolding purpose and highest excitement.

You owe it to whomever or whatever is important to you to do what it takes to get fully committed. This commitment will awaken and support all things in your life, especially what you value most (family, work, pleasure, community, money..), and only for the highest good of all. How can you refuse that?! If you have something in the world you feel passionate about, direct this work toward expanding and opening that. Use what’s meaningful to you as fuel to get committed to your full potential, and to keep up the work of affirming and challenging everyday. If you truly want to see your dreams realized and help uplift people, your full commitment to your own highest good is an absolute prerequisite.

You have it in you.

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