how to restore and empower your voice

Though you may not remember, there was once a time when you felt completely clear about your life. You knew exactly what you wanted and went after it with ease. But pretty soon, the voices of your parents, your friends, and your teachers entered into the equation, and your choices began to meander away from your true desire in favor of pleasing others. Can you still hear your own voice way down there? Because true fulfillment only comes from the center of yourself, distinction of your unique voice is key to your freedom and happiness.

You can learn to distinguish which voices you are valuing and following by paying honest attention to what motivates you. What guides you through your day? The voice that serves your highest good will come from deep within your body. It will feel like a soft friend, a gentle glow, just barely loud enough to notice. And, it will be easy to ignore. In fact, your mind loves to push it away because, often, this voice will not bring “logical” guidance. It might tell you to stop and pick up a book, open to a certain page, and read it. Or, it might say, walk over to the window now and peer outside, right when you’re in the middle of work.

But, it is just as easy to stop and pay attention to this voice. And, every choice to do so strengthens this trusted source of inner wisdom, meant just for you. Follow that seemingly insignificant voice with all your heart, and you find that the book had the perfect piece of information you needed to set the day off right. You see someone outside that window who inspires a wave of emotion you really needed to feel in order to move forward.

Empowering your voice is a conscious choice. If you’re not constantly choosing your voice, the other voices are constantly choosing you, whether it’s society, your mother, the media, or whatever it is that’s got you hooked. Unlike the calm and patient nature of your true voice, these other voices feel like an insistent nagging, colored by a lack of freedom and a pressured or victimized feeling (like you don’t have a choice). I have experienced this like a zig-zag motion of anxiety in our bodies, that could be found in the chest, forehead, or elsewhere.

If noticing and taking action are the keys to empowering your voice, then finding your voice in relationship is all about authentic communication. Sharing what you are honestly and directly experiencing, and not holding back, contributes from the core of who you are. Transparency in relationships helps bring you closer to the truth of what connects you together.

Look out for when your voice asks you to do something that doesn’t feel clearly defined. Maybe, you get a deep ache to express yourself, but you’re not quite sure how or what wants to come out. Don’t let the mystery of the request stop you from taking action! Take a few minutes and write out exactly what it is you feel pulled to do and what it would feel like if you did. If your desire doesn’t fit into a nice little box, even better! Feel the excitement of creating something fresh. Then ask for what you want.

Build your life upon your voice. You are setting a foundation for miracles to naturally unfold, one step at a time. Choosing your voice is a revolutionary act of self love and nurturing. Let go of your assumptions or fears of what will happen if you do. It is safe to trust your self and your own voice now.

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