destabilize your inner critic

Go ahead. Bring that voice of judgment to light. Boil your own greatest critic to the surface. I want you to really hear what it has to say, and I don’t mean this in an acknowledge-it-as-true sort of way. I mean bring it out in a if-you-don’t-shine-the-light-on-it-will-rule-you kind of way.

My critic is harsh.

Grab a sheet of scrap paper and begin to list out every thought in your head that says you can’t do what you want , you’ll never do it, or why what you do isn’t good enough. Even better: why you’ll never get it together enough to even KNOW what it is you want to do.

This works best if you can tap into a steady stream of the source voice of your inner critic and then just let it rain for 3 or 4 pages worth, at least. Go ahead. Let it pour out, without stopping the thoughts. This is called stream of consciousness writing, a simple and powerful tool for clearing your channel of true expression. It can be helpful if you direct it into a certain area you are feeling stuck in your life. You can get this process moving by asking the question, “Why can’t I have what I want in the area of ____ ?” Then watch your inner critic jump at the chance to answer. 

The most important thing here is to gain awareness of what is actually going through your head. It is shocking to witness how mean we are to ourselves.

Then ask yourself, can I actually prove that any of this is true? And, does it serve me in any way to believe its true?

In fact, imagine what it would feel like if you knew it wasn’t true? Liberating, no?

*At the end of your final page of word spew, write an intention, offering up your critic’s voice and all your judgments for your highest good and the highest good of all beings.

Then tear it up and trash it. Throw it in the fire. Do whatever you need to transform those words into something you can release, and move forward with a little more understanding and space around what is holding you back.

There is nothing more to do, but allow the natural and positive action which follows. Do not then try to “fix” the things that came out in your word vomit. Do not hold on to what was said there. Witnessing and completely releasing it are enough to inspire right action to show up. Trust yourself and take that action when it comes. In fact, after completing this exercise, you will often be immediately called to higher action. Cultivating awareness in this way frees us from the grips of our unconscious judgment patterns, so that what wants to happen can finally happen.

Repeat this exercise often to destabilize your doubts. Do it every time you are feeling stuck. Deep issues will often resurface, so dig deeper and keep going.

Break through to the other side.

With Love.

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