be the change adventure

Gandhi. Whew. What an incredible, inspiring individual who once walked this way.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

We hear this all the time, right? It might give us that precious moment of lift off, or that “I can do it” gleam of the eye, and then.. we fizzle flat. Maybe we doubt that we are the type of person who can make that significant of a difference in the world. Transforming your world (and yourself) takes serious commitment and persistence. That’s undeniable. So, why do we come up short again and again, when it comes to being that change we long to see in our world? It’s challenging! Sometimes its hard to see ourselves clearly.  And, even harder to acknowledge the truth. Most of us are very comfortable in our deeply ingrained old grooves. Maybe you burn out with frustration, feeling that things are not changing fast enough, the way you think they should. Or, maybe your goal is not in alignment with your real deal authentic, pure desire. As in, maybe it’s a giant, yet quiet, should. Or, maybe you don’t believe that you have the willpower to actually make it happen. Maybe you lack the trust in yourself that is needed of such a challenge.

I created a play-sheet here for you (and me), to simplify this process, and hopefully make it a little more fun, too. Here, you’ll explore what you genuinely want to see in the world, through your own eyes. I invite you to close those eyes and envision each place listed on the worksheet, exactly how your heart gleefully leaps to see it, a joyful, glittering place where you belong. Then, you’ll clarify how each vision feels to you, using being statements. After that, you’ll tie the whole journey of manifesting into one simple, completely playful catalyst action, which will set the whole thing in motion. But, try not to take all of this too seriously. Let yourself have fun! Then, with a click of the magic button, you’ll let it all go, the timing, the end result, and the need to do anything. And your ride begins.

I recommend reviewing your answers regularly, to fuel the  excitement  about the vision you are creating.  Although there is no hard and fast rule, daily is wonderful, to get your manifest magic juices flowing. This is not another obligation or to-do list item. This is an ecstatic enthusiastic YES to your unique vision. How amazing is that! This inquiry will ignite your visions into action. Keeping the momentum going after that is up to you. I believe in the fruition of your creative masterpiece. Most importantly, feel oh so GOOD when you look at your list, like you already exist in this beautiful picture you see for your life (because you do and the mind is a powerful thing.)

Pay attention. Follow your heart.* Feel for the way.

Activate your best friends, faith and trust.

And, forgive yourself generously, all along the way.*

Happy adventuring .*!

Bethechangeplay-sheet (PDF)

2 responses to “be the change adventure

  1. What a wonderful way to build on this famous (& one of my favorite) quotes! That play sheet is fantastic. THANKS, Nicole. I’m so happy that I clicked through to your site today.

  2. What a wonderful way to build on that famous (& one of my favorite) quotes. That play sheet is fantastic! THANKS, Nicole. I’m so happy I clicked thru to your site.

    (p.s. please excuse any double comments. I had a little trouble with the comments form.)

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