now you’re cooking with anger (part 3)

This is part of a series on experiencing positive results from your anger. If you haven’t already, I recommend you start with Part 1, here, and Part 2, which guides you to first say hello to and get to know your anger through your body.

This is Part 3, which will help you to move and express the anger energy in a constructive and positive way, uplifting you with a surge of clarity and vitality.

Exercises .*

1 :: Releasing excess anger

In the video below, I walk you through an exercise called ‘Pendulum’, which helps to move and release excess heat, frustration, and anger through the body. It takes 20 seconds to do and is extremely effective. I recommend starting with one round of 8 repetitions, and then seeing how you feel. As with any practice, regularity will yield the most potent effects.

2 :: Allowing healthy, creative expression

.* The following exercise inspires expression of your healthy anger  so that you can feel more rooted in it. It also stimulates the release of toxic anger through it’s expression, and therefore the experiential awareness of it.

<< While standing with your knees and legs relaxed, take a deep inhale and exhale completely through the mouth. >>

Ask your body, How does toxic anger want to move through me?

      Give space : : Allow the answer

Then, begin to move in whatever feels like your body’s response. Maybe your arms circle, maybe your knees bend deeper.

Pay attention to and allow whatever the response is. Allow your face to join in the expression. Make ‘ugly’ faces, opening your mouth to allow any sounds that need to be expressed, as well..*

But, don’t take yourself too seriously, here. Discover. Explore !

Feel weird. Its OK. I guarantee you, it’s better to experience that weird expression escaping you than to lock it up in dark corners of your body, carrying it with you wherever you go as it unconsciously directs all your choices and interactions.

Then repeat the exercise, this time moving with your healthy anger>>
Ask your body, How does healthy anger want to move through me?

Give space : : Allow the answer : : Move your body. Make faces. Sound it out.

You may get new answers each time you do this exercise. Keep breathing while expressing. Follow the strand of each answer to its completion. Or, set a timer for 5 minutes, and when time is up, move on.

.* Write down any insights or interesting observations you had during this exercise.

May you be opened to the beauty of your anger xo

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