your most productive planning tool for 2013

What if there was a way of knowing where all the juicy breakthroughs are hiding this year? What if you could get a glimpse of what wants to happen for you in 2013, more than anything else? And what if this clarity and vision would allow you to funnel your resources and attention so that just the slightest investment of energy + time there would unleash the kind of productivity and results worth talking about, and best of all, without the struggling feeling of pushing a boulder up a mountain?What if I told you that you are already in possession of the magnificent tool that makes this possible? In fact, your body IS this magnificent tool! Your body can show you exactly what part of you is ready to grow right now, and where your resources naturally want to go to support this growth. Best of all, when you get on board with your body, everything else grows too, and exponentially, because your body is a remarkable system that is designed to manage energy in the most efficient way possible. This self-growth translates across the board, as growth in your business, relationships, and health and well being, too! I’ve experienced this for myself, again and again!

During this potent time of visioning for the upcoming year, I invite you to try a new way of planning. While I agree that logical, step-by-step SMART goals are necessary and useful, I have found, both personally and with my clients, that by basing the overarching focus of your daily thoughts and priorities on the body’s already existent goals, all our other goals get done with ease and magic, like you just gracefully pulled it all together somehow. Responsibility and action are of course still required, but when planning by the body, they feel effortless and smoother than ever.

. * So, how do you use this incredible planning tool of your body? Actually, the process is quite simple (though it can seem complicated because it involves learning a new language, the inner language of the body).

You simply put your full attention onto your body and ask where the greatest wave of energy is happening right now.. and listen. Notice physically where your attention goes in the body. Is it in the chest, belly, hands, feet, hips, legs? Just notice with judgement-free, pure witnessing. Whatever happens is perfectly right for you!

After you come to that place in the body where you feel the largest volume of energy is occurring, then you can communicate with yourself there. Ask, what is this here? Then notice if any words, thoughts, images, or memories come to mind. Continue to curiously inquire until you have a sense of what is important to your body right now, as known by what is currently being fed by all your energy. Then, ask that place how you can best support it. What is one action you can take in the next day to support it? What is one action you can take in the next week? In the next month? This year?

It may be as simple as dancing everyday, as it was for me this year. Or focusing on your creative practice. Or spending more time with people you love. Or tackling that dreaded task you’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is, I can guarantee you that if you give yourself over to it, it will nourish you deeply and accelerate your momentum toward everything else you so deeply long for.

Each inner goal can last months, but I find it helpful to check in once monthly, especially if you notice  a lot of changes happening.

Your body knows exactly how to get the most bang for its energetic buck. If this is new for you, I know it may feel like a challenging and confusing thing, but I learned how to effectively live with ease and joy in all that I do, and I can help you to find your way, too. This practice is the premise of my new series of 7- 1on1 sessions. When you work with me, we map out a whole plan, and set it into motion, uprooting the challenges and unearthing the support systems of attaining your body’s greatest wishes.

When your body is truly happy, YOU are happy.

Let me know how I can help you, and please share this with others to help spread the gift of ease and productivity that comes with honoring your own brilliant body. I’d also love to hear what you found in this exercise in the comments below!

. * Happy visioning for 2013 and beyond!

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