4 Swift Ways to Climb Out of your Rut

Making a real change can require a big investment of our time, energy, and commitment. What if you could get the momentum you need to get started with just a small step? Here, I share four fast ways to activate real change by first making simple, small changes. Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may notice the effects of these changes immediately. But for most people, these effects will start to materialize after one week of practicing any of the following tips.

1. Change your food.

What we put into our body profoundly affects the way we think, feel, and behave. Certain foods are processed in certain ways, requiring certain enzymes and transit times, and impact certain elements in Chinese medicine. So, changing what you input is one of the simplest ways to notice a difference in your output. For example, if you don’t eat spicy food, start eating curries and hot sauces. If you don’t eat sour foods, introduce pickled veggies and more vinegars. If you don’t eat meat, try to introduce a little a day. This is about changes, not about whats “healthy”. And actually, if you eat healthy, eat more junky, and vice versa. I’m serious. If you’re in a rut, even in just one area of your life, something has to change, at least for now. And food is the one of the most fundamental ways to affect our subconscious bodies, which means our mind, emotions, and vitality.

2. Move your furniture.

Your home is a reflection of your body and your inner state, according to dream psychology and Feng Shui.  Rearranging your furniture changes the way ionic particles and energies move through the room. Try to imagine a river flowing in through the front door of your home or your bedroom, and “see” where the water would first flow according to your current layout. I recommend you move things to allow areas which are blocked off from this river to participate more in the flow, and this will immediately impact your day-to-day life, as well.

3. Buy new underwear.

Astrofashion is a unique and super-fun modality that connects your life with how you feel and present yourself through style, designed by Nagajara, my mentor. Underwear is connected with the zodiac sign of Scorpio and is one of the most important aspects of our personal style to focus on, as it is connected to sex, death and transformation (whoa, biggies!). If you wear one type, I invite you to try a totally different type. I’m totally serious! For example, if you’re always buying lacey, buy cotton. If you wear less, try going a little more granny, and vice versa. Or if you wear boxers, try briefs, and in a totally different color or material. This is not about doing it forever. This is about shifting out of your rut. This will make you feel more changed than you can imagine. I can also help you to find which unique underwear would best support you (as it’s based on your personal astrological chart).

4. Get a goal.

Commiting to a small goal, one that lasts for only a month, changes everything. I know you’ve experienced this before. As soon as you say you will do something everyday, even if you love it, suddenly your feelings toward it change. You feel challenged, and this is exactly what we need to grow past a rut. It’s best to choose something connected with the body, because you can easily see the results. You can try a new exercise, or another health or beauty practice if you like. Somewhere around 4 to 10 days, we encounter our first crisis, which will shift and lift you out of your rut. 21 days will bring a new, important realization within, and at 30 days, you will have reached your goal and built your confidence and energy level for a new possibility in your life.

I am currently taking on new coaching clients (Skype or phone), and would love to support you in making the results you crave your reality. You can reach me at 510.606.2589 or n@nicolecasanova.com.

Comment on your experiences here from these exercises so I can support you and so others can feel inspired by you, too!

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