Why LA gets all my love

Ok.. definitely not ALL my love. But this month, Los Angeles will be the receiver of my carefully chosen full moon gift.

By the way, I couldn’t be more excited for this new monthly offering each full moon. My first full moon gift launched last month (and you can still get it here), and it was such a pleasure making it for you. I have lived by the lunar cycles for over 7 years now, which simply means choosing to focus your activities (contemplative vs. active) based on the current phase of the moon. I love it. I feel a sense of ease and grace in my life, a feeling of being connected, supported and carried by what’s happening all around me. If you are interested in learning this art of living in harmony with lunar cycles, contact me here.

So, you can imagine my enthusiasm and intensity when I learned that this cycle was going to be one of the most powerful lunar cycles of the year, with a lunar and a solar eclipse this month among the significant astronomical happenings. What could I possibly offer that would reflect such a powerful time of growth and impact in our lives?

Then it dawned on me- the expressive arts and transformation workshop I am hosting this month in LA on October 19th (and November 9th in SF) is happening on the full moon!

Hello destiny.

First of all, what a potent event this will be, full of unique and outstanding exercises, learned from my 5 years of study with a master of Tantra and healing. These are the goods, and I can’t wait to share them with you. I was blessed with the opportunity to lead this very workshop over the summer 7 times to international students in Paradise.

Second, the search for the right event space has so organically lead me to collaborate with COW DT LA Yoga, which is both a food co-operative and yoga studio with a mission, offering sliding scale groceries and yoga classes focused on the downtown LA and low-income community.  Something stirred in me, and I felt the voice of yes speak up.

So, I present a big bold YES to what I am being called to do,  which is to offer this 7-hour intensive workshop completely by donation. (Suggested donation is $99, but no one turned away..unless we’re full, of course.) This event will be one where people can creatively support each other in writing the words, dancing the moves and creating the art that will again and again, like a treasured collection of magic tools, grant them instant focus, clarity and power anytime they feel overwhelmed, stressed or stuck in their life.

Come and discover the bliss of knowing your true nature with us! RSVP to n@nicolecasanova.com. You can find all the event details here on Facebook or on this website.

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