Chocolate and your Happiness

For this month’s full moon gift I am launching my new offering of raw chocolate custom orders on for the Bay Area!

If you are not yet aware, I am obsessed with chocolate. As a deep experiencer of my food, I am utterly convinced of the magic and healing properties of high-quality cacao.

Cacao also has the highest magnesium content of any food on the planet, and magnesium happens to be a necessary component of connective tissue health. The connective tissue is the organ of experience in our bodies, a physical location for the Chinese energy meridians and yogic nadi energy channels. The thicker bands of connective tissue in the body actually line up perfectly with these well-known energy channels in traditional eastern medicine, and science is now acknowledging this connection for about the last 10 years or so. (And if you didn’t know, I am a connective tissue master bodyworker, specializing in the health and release of this integral organ to our health and happiness! Schedule a session here.)

Chocolate Touch truffles combine the potent nutrition of cacao with whole, raw ingredients and healing touch for an incredibly satisfying, deeply nourishing and inescapably addictive uplifting treats.

If you live outside the Bay, don’t fret.  I will be running test deliveries to lucky friends to find out if the raw ingredients hold up via shipping, and I plan to offer a recipe book in the future so you can re-create these delicious designs and invent some of your own.

This month’s gift is not only about this new offering of chocolate, but through the end of November, every order of 20 or more truffles will receive 5 bonus free. Yippie skippie!

You can put your order in here at Happy full moon everyone!

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