How to Have a Lucky New Year

With every new year comes a sense of hope, a fresh start and re-inspired motivation. And this year is especially juicy because a new moon coincides perfectly with the first day of 2014. The new moon is the start of a fresh lunar cycle, which happens every 28-days, and this double fresh start can provide us with a unique experience of momentum if we take advantage of  it. I’ll show you exactly how to do that, here!

First, I want to share why the new moon matters. I am a huge proponent of living in alignment with lunar cycles. I have experienced a growing sense of ease, support and freedom as I have actively followed them over the last 6 years. Living in alignment means simply paying attention to the waxing-waning cycles of the moon and applying it to your own month in action. For example, some times are meant for starting new projects or pushing through challenging work loads, and other times are meant for just playing.

I planned the “Tantric Trekking, What they don’t tell us about love and sex” e-book release on the full moon, which is an overflowing time for sharing and social buzz.

I will lead another “Tantric Trekking” expressive arts workshop on January 11th in SF during the part of the moon cycle which facilitates great breakthroughs through creative action. Join us!

The soul-restorative yoga and surfing retreat to Paradise I will help facilitate this February and March 2014 spans a full lunar cycle, allowing attendees to enjoy a wide range of benefits, depending on what unique individuals most need.

Lunar aligned living is all about awareness of what’s happening in nature around you and the intention to participate in this magnificent experience of creation.

So that you too can take full advantage of this lucky new moon on January 1st, I have outlined some steps over the next week that will help you ride this wave of big momentum.

From now through Saturday, December 28th:

Withdraw from any negative relationships, patterns or attitudes that are not nourishing you. Act on the realizations and inspirations you’ve had recently and throughout this year. Remember others are going though a similar need for change, so give others space. This is not the time to demand others change. Work on your own desires for change.

Saturday night and Sunday, December 29th:

Reflect on what you have learned over the last year, letting go of action for now. Extract the wisdom of your experiences. Suggestion: write a journal entry or draw a picture of all you have learned this year.

Sunday through Tuesday, December 31st:

Anticipate good things in the unknown year ahead. Feel excitement for the future without being attached to what it “should” look like. Think: I don’t know exactly what 2014 will bring, yet I know it’s going to be AMAZING. Complete any loose ends, chores or tasks that could hold you back from a fresh start. Mostly importantly, feel good.

New Year’s Eve:

Let go of all fear and self-judgments. Play. Surrender your inhibition. Yes, you can wear the tiara or hand out magic messages to people at a party. Celebrate in whatever way you most need to enjoy letting go of control. This makes for an incredibly liberating New Years celebration if you give yourself permission to color outside the lines!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Wishing you a a very lucky and happy New Year!

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