3 Ingredients to Outgrow your Obstacles

What’s the biggest thing standing in your way right now? Maybe it’s not enough freedom in your career or finances. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable way you feel and act in a certain relationship. Maybe your physical body is not supporting you the way you wish. Or maybe you don’t know what it is- you just know you feel off.

No matter where your greatest obstacle lies, you can outgrow it! Everything we accomplish or create first originates within, and the same goes for our obstacles. 

So, I’m here to help you,, with a dollop of self-awareness to why breakthroughs fall short (the recurring cause of your failure), a sprinkle of practical tools to guide you in overwhelming moments of uncertainty, and a heaping cup of desire to fuel your future plans.

And voila, these are the three keys of outgrowing your greatest obstacle. In my upcoming daylong (10am-5pm) workshop, Tantric Trekking, which was an international success this past summer, we go gourmet with each of these three ingredients.

1 | Power of Self-awareness

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Einstein
We need fresh perspective, a way to see things from a different lens that will give us the will and the power we need to make a change in our lives. We need to realize the hidden habits that hold us back.

In Tantric Trekking, we tap directly into your subconscious to create art with answers, collaborate with objective partners who reflect you in a spacious, new light and dance within your creative zone where game-changing self-realization flows freely.

2 | Practical Tools We need tools in the moment, “I’m-freaking-out- right-now-and-don’t-know-what-to-do” tools. We need direction if we are to really evolve, tried and true techniques for finding guidance in the no-handle moments that happen to us all.

In Tantric Trekking, participants will find the secret and completely personal mantra, dance moves, and actions that activate self-control, focus and uplifting results in these tricky no-handle situations.

3 | Focus on Desire

We need to open our hearts and fuel our desires by having a dream and watering it daily with love and attention. We need to see and feel that what we want is ACTUALLY happening.

In Tantric Trekking, you’ll give your heart’s desire the full dose of sunshine and water it needs to manifest. You’ll glimpse what’s next and what road to stay on if you want to ensure you get there.

Best of all, the exercises are super fun, creative and totally safe. Together, we’ll play with color, sound, words and communication to cook up a storm with these three key ingredients. You’ll leave with the momentum, inspiration, confidence and the concrete direction you need to leap over any obstacle.

Join me for Tantric Trekking, Oct. 19th in Los Angeles, CA and November 9th in San Francisco, CA. I’ve already secured the spaces, and they’re both stunningly beautiful! However, they are limited in the number of people I can accomodate, so if you’re interested, please jump on it. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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