The Birth of Vlogs

In searching my soul for a way to upgrade my offering, I’ve recently started vlogging! (A vlog is just a silly word for video-blog.) I’m really excited about this fun new colorful format and all the juicy, uplifting, supportive posts I have on deck for you!

I am currently highlighting a beautiful and simple way of living in alignment and ease with all of nature. By following the ancient guidance based on the current phase and astrological position of the moon, we can discover nourishing direction and potent activation for creating more of what we all want in our lives- health, love, connection, accomplishment and meaning!

Here’s the latest video in this, The Lunar Muse, series. Make sure you hit “subscribe” to my new Youtube channel, Healing Casanova. I’ll be sharing my entire treasure chest of wellness, emotional balance and spiritual tools here soon!

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