Why Should You Talk to Strangers?

In today’s society, and especially in bustling, big cities, we typically avoid connecting with strangers. I find some friendly places in the South are more inclined to connect on the other hand with anyone and everyone. Both ways of being can drain our energy from more important priorities in our day. Every time we miss an opportunity to connect with the “right” person, or every time we connect with a person who is not right for us, we can lose momentum, focus and vitality.

You can see this after you avoid talking to someone you really felt drawn to because you feel shy or afraid. Afterward, you might be spinning or regretting it, or thinking about how you wish you weren’t so anxious in social situations for example. In the reverse, most of us have experienced stopping to engage with someone on the street who just goes on and on, pulling for more and more of our attention. Or maybe what they say disturbs us and stays with us after we finally pull away.

In this video, I’ll show you exactly how to distinguish which strangers will bring you the most energy, vitality and lucky opportunities! All you have to do is be open to approaching them. Get to practicing, and soon the results and benefits you receive from this practice will outweigh any fears of being  judged, rejected or any other fears you have around starting conversations with people you don’t know.