The Only Thing Worth Living For

It just so happens that I know exactly what you want to hear. You want to hear how your life is like an itch that hasn’t quite been scratched yet. And you should be worried about this! And how I know all about the one thing, that when added to your morning routine, will finally change your life for good. Or maybe it’s that important ingredient to your diet, or this meditation technique to your work day, or that new look to your love life.

You want an answer. I know because I was the exact same way. I wanted my teachers to explain to me every tiny detail. I wanted a sign from God. I was desperate for directions, mailed to me in a nice neat envelope.

Well, here they are.

By the way, there are some important rules for these directions to your life. You may only open them 1 line at a time. You can never fully open them because they’re inside you. Let me explain.

You are only allowed one line for every step you take in life. If you’re not following the step you’re currently on, then you don’t get anymore. You know why? Because you’re not taking your life seriously enough. You’re not valuing the precious treasure you already hold in your hands. It really can be (and is) that simple. I guarantee that in your heart of hearts, every one of you knows what the next step is right now- the next move for soul-igniting love and fulfillment. And I’m not talking about your next move for power. Or money. Or sex.

It CAN be money, or let’s say rather, stability, if you’re absolutely in survival mode. Because that pesky hierarchy of needs does exist, and you can’t develop your passion if you’re stuck worrying about making rent or mortgage this month. But how many of us do have enough to survive and still believe that the relief and fulfillment will finally come from even more money to pay for a bigger house, for example?

Take a glimpse further down the road. I’m talking 10 years from now. Will this bring you lasting fulfillment, a new step, a sense that you have truly grown as a person? Will another academic degree bring you that? Or another girlfriend? If you think so, then I ask you why? Why do you need it? If your heart sincerely wants it, there will be one and only one answer….


Because the heart wants what it wants. And the mind will never quite get it. (And that cliche really is true.) And the heart is what delivers your directions, one painfully slow line at a time. If there are a million flurries of reasons why you want something, then you will never be fulfilled by it. When the heart speaks up, we usually try to rationalize it or dismiss it away because we don’t understand it. We can’t see the full map with all the steps laid out before us.

I’m here to tell you: don’t try to understand. Take a risk. Take that step. Experiment. I invite you! After that, if you get another letter, another line, another step, CONGRATULATIONS! Throw yourself  a party and throw yourself on your knees in gratitude. And follow the instructions, word-for-word, whatever you do.  A genuine, bonified, real-deal adventure of transformation, of living, of LIFE has begun.


I offer 1on1 vitality coaching where I help people connect with their heart’s direction and transform the habits and relationships draining their energy on a daily basis. Find me passionately following my own heart’s map at or 510.606.2589.