8 Questions to Inspire the Self-Care Plan You Can’t Live Without

This well-rounded dose of self-inquiry gets to the heart of what it takes to love yourself to the core. I’m talkin deepen your roots, multiply your branches and grow some seriously irresistible fruit.

.: Try this for a day, and have the best day of your life.
.: Try this for a week, and watch the excitement build like you’re climbing the steepest roller coaster you’ve ever known.
.: Try this for a month, and hellooo nourishment and deep relaxation.
.: Try this for 3 months, and you’ll soar above the masses as the brightest and most inspiring example of fulfillment in your circle.

(By the way, ask me about how this 3-month transformation-cycle thing works. That’s all it takes to transform your health and relationships and see the results you crave!)

So get a pen and pad, open up a new Google doc or record a cute voice memo and answer with the first gems of truth that rush to your beautiful mind.

1. What food would restore the fire of healthy digestion to my belly? Eat this. All day as a rejuvenating cleanse or as needed.

2. How could I move my body in a way that excites me? Practice this. Put on your favorite song. Perform for yourself.

3. What activity makes me feel so confident that I get a bounce in my step? Do that. Daily if possible.

4. What would just put the biggest, brightest smile on my face? Envision that. Eyes closed, with intensity for 2-minutes.

5. What (or who) do I care most about in the world?  Focus on this. In action. For at least 5-minutes everyday.

6. How can I loosen up and play more at work? Allow this. Today, preferably.

7. What thought in my mind runs the show? Notice that. Every time. Exclaim it YES! Or discard it NO.

8. What is the world desperately awaiting from me? Give this. With all your heart. Make a commitment.

We all need support. Some of us might have a little difficulty answering these questions. And some of us may just be unsure of how to put them into action. And for the rest of us, overcoming the self-limiting patterns to actually keep taking these self-loving actions is where the real issue lies. Sometimes just having additional help to get through whatever it takes to permanently transform your life (not just temporarily change it) is absolutely heaven sent. If I may be so bold as to say: I am that angel. Or unicorn. Or knight in shining armor. However you want it. Work with me.