Why my most prized possession is this messy stack of notebooks

I recently caught part of a cheesy romantic comedy (which I loved) where the couple was quizzing each other on what item they would rush to save if their home was on fire. This got me thinking, what is my greatest and most prized possession?

Here it is. These 9 disheveled, barely holding on at the seams notebooks.  prize

These notebooks contain over 8 months of my intensive training and experience on retreat living in the beautiful island jungle of the Philippines with my spiritual teacher and mentor, Nagajara, who I met in Nepal in 2008. These 8 months, lived over the last 4 years are worth so much more than my laptop, my wardrobe and vintage pieces, even my old boxes of photos and special keepsakes. These notebooks contain infinite wisdom– thousands of mind-body-spirit tools never seen anywhere else, countless healing exercises for individuals and groups, personal experiences in meditation and workshops, one-on-one consultation notes…guidelines for becoming a master of my life and helping others to do the same.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t sell these notebooks for any amount of money, not even a billion dollars.

So, what is your most prized possession? Leave your comments here.

*For anyone interested in joining me on the next retreat, we’ll be heading back to this magical place called Paradise from November 18th-30th 2015. Be sure to email me at n@nicolecasanova.com with any questions and to reserve your spot.