Become Who You Wish In 5 Dazzling Moves

All it takes is 5 simple, beautiful moves. Though, you know what they say- simple, but not easy. If you can follow these 5 steps for an hour, you will be exactly who you want to be…for exactly one hour. If you want to wake up everyday, and live and breathe as this person, you’ve got to practice.

How long will it take until this dreamy version of you begins to take over? Ninety days. That is the length of my coaching program because that’s how long it takes to graduate to a new level in your life, one you can’t slide back down from. In my experience, most people need some kind of support and guidance to get through 90 days of a new and life-changing practice. That’s why I’m here.

Each step is listed in order of how critical it is to helping you achieve this lasting transformation.


#1 Know who you want to be.

Kind of obvious, but we have to know what we want first in order to direct our energy and results there.

I used to have a lot of trouble with this, so take it from me. If you’re not sure of what you want, try paying more attention to what you’re feeling. This is the biggest clue you’re gonna get.

If you already know who you would like to be, write it down. It can be anything from calm and centered to a famous designer with my own publication to someone who knows what he wants. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.


#2 BE this person. 

What I mean by “be” this person is feel what it would be like to be this person. Imagine for one moment that you are this person. What sensations in your body go along with this dream? Where do you feel it the strongest in your body? Focus there, and stay with it for as long as you possibly can. Keep coming back to it.

Working with the body through somatic awareness techniques, such as this one, is probably the single most effective tool I have encountered in the 13 years of my healing practice to catalyzing a lasting change.


#3 THINK like who you want to be.

What kind of thoughts go through this person’s head on a regular basis? Try directing your mind to revisit and repeat these key, defining thoughts for one day and notice what happens. Then email me and tell me.


#4 SPEAK like who you want to be. 

What might this person say to a stranger on the street? To her friend or co-worker? To his mother? Be curious. Be creative. If you can’t quite bring yourself to actually say these words in person, try merely envisioning yourself doing it.


#5 ACT like who you want to be. 

What key behaviors would this person engage in on a daily basis? At work? At home? Try to imagine different situations and the actions that would play out there.


Become who you wish to be by aligning your body (BE), your mind (THINK), your way of relating (SPEAK) and your habits (ACT) consistently over a 90-day period. If you would like further assistance with this, drop me a line: