About Nicole Casanova

ffI have trained, researched, adventured, drank the kool-aid, personally transformed and served wholeheartedly in the world of healing arts for the last 14 years. I have dedicated my life and my work, meaning I have no “day job”, to helping people tap into their unique fountain of youth, the unlimited source of joy, vitality and strength within themselves. I have taught Maasai women in Kenya how to better support their bodies during taxing daily chores, developed the volunteer program at a children’s mental health non-profit in Austin, collaborated with and taught physical therapists at a spinal injury hospital in Nepal, mentored and health educated at-risk pregnant teens in the Latino community, spoken to university students on self-care during final exams, and successfully run my own healing practice for the last 11 years.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where I completed a B.S. in Psychology and Biology through the pre-medical track. Yearning for an experiential education that academia could not provide, I undertook bodywork classes at night at the Texas Healing Arts Institute. While I’m even impressed that I handled 2 schools, a job in a leadership role, and a serious relationship at the time, I quickly mastered the fundamentals of Massage Therapy and immediately delved into the advanced Clinical Massage program. It is here where I unearthed my natural drive, skills and understanding for the depths of human experience and its connections and roots in the physical body. In 2008, I met my spiritual teacher, a master of helping people transform their lives, who I have since trained for over 800-hours with (and still going!) in body-based mindfulness and life coaching techniques.

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n@nicolecasanova.com  | 510.606.2589 | San Francisco, CA