Whether you want to carve out some ‘me time’ from your career’s demands, find that elusive energy to do more of what you love, cure burn-out or dissolve exhausting shoulder tension, one-on-one sessions are an extraordinary way to accelerate the results you crave.

The Relax Everything Package

Master the skill of life balance with this 90-day program for people who want so much energy, it’s almost envy-inspiring. Each session includes exciting personal coaching, guided meditation, dance conditioning and therapeutic bodywork.

Some of the specific issues we can nip in the bud include: burn-out, depression, anxiety, emotional eating, compulsive spending, sugar addiction, back pain and muscle stiffness, weight loss and immunity, heart-burn, optimal digestion, relationship insecurity, personal boundaries and more.

My wish for you is that you awaken each morning spilling over with gratitude and joy, and feeling so incredibly lucky to be living your life. This is the sign of true vitality, health and well-being.

Omg, where do I sign up?

The Mental Massage Package (aka Coaching and Meditation)

Wondering what this meditation stuff is all about? Wish to go deeper with your existing practice? Learn the art of using meditation to relax stress, the physical body and anxiety in the exact moment you need it. We’ll look at the areas of your life where you are currently experiencing the most stress and work a custom body-based meditation to get you on solid ground.

Yes, this is IT!

The Horizontal Chill Pill Package (aka Myofascial Massage Therapy)

Myofascial bodywork is a highly specialized hands-on type of therapeutic massage that addresses the health and balance of your connective tissue, which is one of the most important physical organs in the fight to maintain our vitality as we age. In general, most bodywork skips over the connective tissue, or fascia, because it requires special skill and training to work with it. Because the connective tissue is where we hold our stress and oldest emotional patterns, myofascial work not only restores space and relaxation on the physical, mental and emotional levels, but it unlocks hidden vitality and high-potency energy that has been hiding out in your body for years.

Yaass, I’m all over this!

+  Let’s talk about which session would work best for the results you’re looking for.
+ I am currently only offering  bodywork in San Francisco and Oakland, California.
+ I offer Relax Everything Sessions both locally in San Francisco and Oakland as well as via Skype, for busy folks and clients living outside the Bay Area.

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