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Time for a recharge? Boost team spirit, productivity, results and smiles by booking a RelaxStation training now.

 *Investing in your team learning the fundamental skills of physical and mental well-being pays off. Here’s what you can expect:

| Core curriculum that reliably delivers results mixed with customized exercises for your team’s unique needs (no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all workshop)
| Group-led exercises that foster connection, fun and support among co-workers (hint hint: how well teams work together is the true secret to increasing productivity)
| A wellness program that feels like a mini-sabbatical, including dance, physical therapy to undo the effects of working at the computer, meditation to relax your mind and more
| An advanced training on how to release tension from the body and mind (relax hacks) that will leave your group floating on air and empowered to take proactive self-care steps in the future!


Shimmering Praise from Training Participants~

jackieThe workshop was truly a valuable gift from start to finish. I walked in imbalanced by life and walked out feeling whole again.  Nicole’s leadership and nurturing created a safe and loving environment that allowed for space, time, expression and exploration.  I highly recommend it.  -Jackie Garrido, Onboarding Program Manager at Facebook

elidaEach of the activities were really helpful for me to clearly see patterns in myself. For this same reason, each exercise that involved engaging with another person was particularly challenging for me, but once I engaged, I found each experience to be very rewarding. I’m glad there was time built in for concrete practices to take home with us, and I continued to take it all in over the weekend. I really appreciated getting a love letter at the end to take home as well. -Elida Margarita Bautista, Director of Clinical Training at UCSF

michael mI awoke and could feel the fear of waking up this morning. I was going to do my usual check out stuff, like reading the news and sports sites, but instead I listened to the sound clip from the workshop and recited my mantra for only a minute. I then got up and ended up working for 5 hours straight. I didn’t even drink coffee and it felt like I was running on caffeine. (praise for “Secret Mantra” exercise) -Michael Mojica, Business Owner at


What impressed me most was the range of activities used. The work engaged so many parts of myself – the creative mind, the analytical mind, the physical body, the breath. Overall, the workshop was fun and exciting while bringing me into a state of deep presence at the same time. -Adam Kaufman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

IMG_4995After Nicole’s class I feel lighter, happier and more at peace. Everyone can benefit from the kind of cleansing this workshop provides. It brought together a wonderful group of warm and loving people experiencing similar situations as myself. Now I feel that I can enjoy the experience and joys of life more fully than ever before. I feel really great. All is well in my world. Thank you! -Jennifer Lugris, Artist and Project Coordinator at Sutter Health

julieI’ve re-read the things I wrote and it’s clear that I was more inspired that day than I have been in a long time. The exercises we did were super playful and fun. I want to do more of them! The whole thing was amazing, really- the Japanese dance, the secret mantra… everything really encouraged an opening of the heart and thinking and interpreting in new ways! -Julie Hauldren, Tech Optimization Consultant

amykThe workshop was a very heart-centered experience and encouraged us to tap into and listen to our intuition. It was a very safe space, and everyone in class felt connected like friends. I would take this or any of Nicole’s classes again! -Amy K., Artist

vanessaAwesome workshop! In creative, art-based exercises we cleansed and carved out internal space for some badly needed psychological evolution. Inspiring and revelatory. -Vanessa Rose, Professional Writer

jerryVery deep, even challenging at times. Very empowering and the partner work was a great vehicle for opening. Great job! – Jerry ParkBusiness Owner at ALIIGN

destinyUplifting, raw, creative, expressive, and challenging to the brain. I enjoyed and loved it all! I wish to attend more classes like this one in the near future! Thank you Nicole. You’re amazing at what you do! – Destiny Filmore, Professional Model

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