what would your higher self do

Your Higher Self is what this whole life production is about. Everything that happens, everyone you meet, all you encounter is for the sheer purpose of opening to your Higher Self, aligning with it a little bit more, embodying it more fully. Your Higher Self is the fulfillment and total expression of your unique gifts. Your Higher Self is pure enjoyment and feeling at ease with who you are and the full expression of that in the world.

Use the mantra, What would my Higher Self do?, liberally throughout your day to invoke accelerated opening to this. If the words “higher self” don’t work for you, use what does. Use it in the midst of both small and grand choices alike. Take it to the extremes, from considering what you want to accomplish with your life to simply how you approach waiting in line at the market. Invite your Higher Self to inhabit every inch of your body, to guide your actions and thoughts every day. Welcome your Higher Self to radiate from your every cell, to touch and inspire every being you meet.

Do make sure you stop to feel its presence after you’ve invited it. The response to the question, What would my Higher Self do?, comes from listening to the body’s answer. The answer naturally arises when there is a space to receive it. So ask, then listen. You may receive it in the form of a thought or words or images in your mind, or your body may feel pulled to move in a certain direction, but this will only arise spontaneously after you surrender all effort to produce a result. This method of receiving guidance becomes second nature the more your practice it. So, dive in.

You have a best friend in yourself, willing to guide you every step of the way. You always have every answer you need. Just ask.

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