be absolutely tickled pink by your life

tickle pink verb
1. to cause enjoyment great enough to make one glow with pleasure.
2. to be intoxicated with delight.
3. the only way to live!

Let’s tap into your unique flavor of joy, because, lets face it, the world tastes a little bland without YOU. The great news is that you’ve already got exactly what you need. There’s nothing you have to buy and you don’t have to change who you are. But there are some practices and natural ways of being that can transform you into a living, walking, breathing, contagious incarnation of true happiness:

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. Focus on all that you have. Gift an imaginary bouquet of roses to your angels, animal guides, and fairy godmother. Offer an appreciation dollar to the Buddha in that beggar. Send a thank you text to your higher power. (Texting {area code}-loving-universe always works for me!)

Get committed to your highest self.

Get committed to your tribe. Who do you care about in this world? This can include family, friends, as well as communities of people, like mothers, artists, Latinos, addicts, etc. Vow to uplift, love, and serve them in a real and tangible way, everyday.

Get into your body. And out of your head. (Hint: enjoyment lives here.)

Mix meaningful and fun. Is your fun distracting you from what matters most? Does what matters feel like an obligation? Start celebrating what’s important to you.

Dance your life. You don’t have to be at the club to bust a move. Move whenever you feel the urge arise. Chassé on the way to work. Shimmy your shoulders while brushing your teeth. Greet the morning with jazz hands. Move it.

Follow what feels good. What feels good opens you. It might help you surrender your self control, but it’ll never hijack your self control. It will take no for an answer. Please say yes.

Feel into your heart. Too often, we neglect our own heart. Let your attention visit the space under your breast bone. Today, deeply feel the sensations there. Then, do it tomorrow and every day, from now on.

Look up to someone. Learn more about someone who inspires you. Steep yourself in their modeling. Whether its someone you know personally or a public personality, pull on that thread.

Make time for pleasure, only. Do something with no other purpose in mind, except that it feels good in every way. DO NOT do it because its going to get you something. It won’t. Your enjoyment is the only “goal” here.

Ask for what you need.  Ask a friend for a ride to the airport, or to bring you soup when you’re sick. We are all in this together. Feel how supported you really are. Go ahead and erase those false lines of separation you have drawn into your life blueprint.

Take some risks. Never stop being who you are because you’re afraid. Try that new idea that keeps popping up. Go for it. Go ahead and dive right in. See what happens.

Give it a chance to grow. Manifesting the life you want isn’t always instantaneous. Give it space. Let it marinate. Remember that something even better than what you could expect or imagine is cooking. Do not disturb the pot. Trust. And, let yourself be surprised, for goodness sakes!

And, when you feel like smiling for no reason, go ahead and cheese it up. Bust into sweet song in line at the bank. Let someone know how you feel. Break the joy barrier. Your joy in life is contagious.

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