4 ways to find stability amidst upheaval

Things are changing (and REALLY FAST). Our cogs start to shake and tremble when we feel the screws of our old paradigm coming loose. The terror of upheaval can manifest as instability in the back or elsewhere in the body, anxiety over losing something, hoarding, overeating, or substance abuse. We scramble for dear life after whatever our little fingers can get a grasp on. At the same time, we need this upheaval. We want to release the dead and outdated, which no longer serves our highest good, and usher in whats alive and true and NOW, as completely as possible. So, how can we reconcile the intense fear that comes with this evolutionary dive into the unknown deep-end?

1. FACE YOUR FEAR. With courage, turn toward it. With your soldier spirit, walk softly into it. Bring your flashlight of awareness. What flavor of experiencing the world lives here? Notice. Cradle your fear like a newborn. Carry it with you every step of the way, now, holding it deep in the embrace of your stable, loving heart.

2. ENVISION WHAT YOU WANT, as a sort of keeping your eye on the road. See this force of upheaval as an opportunity to create exactly what you desire most. Vision from a place of possibility. Feel into whats MOST important to you. Go there. You can find stability in where you are going, and know what direction you are headed because you put it out there, as clearly as possible. Practice getting very specific about what you want. Start with what you already have. It can be just a feeling (how you want it to feel) or maybe you already have the whole picture painted from who to what to when to where. You can let go of the how, now.

3. ENJOY THE RIDE. Like a rollercoaster, the unexpected turns can be exhilarating. Marvel at the surprises each new day brings. Be wowed by your exciting life. Acknowledge that real changes are happening. Pay attention to what is being revealed to you. Follow your excitement. Enjoy this time, because there will never be one like it, again.

4. TRUST. You will make it through this one. You will survive. You always do. Even if you fall on your face. Even if you make a total mess or embarrass yourself. Congratulations and welcome to being human. Trust in yourself. Trust in your way.

You can consciously direct the energy of upheaval to better serve you, now. Water can be a tsunami or an air-clearing rain.

May this storm gently wash your life clean.

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